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Covoare Traditionale » Persian » Nain (6la), ca. 1Mio. kn/sqm Oriental Rug Bej 130x190 cm

Nain (6la), ca. 1Mio. kn/sqm Oriental Rug Bej 130x190 cm

Cod produs: 60001011 - Bej
In stoc: Da
Garantie: 12


22311,00  Lei
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Detalii produs
Culoare Bej
Provenienta Nain, Iran
Forma Dreptunghiulara
Model Floral, Ornamental
Material 90% Lana, 10% Matase
Tesatura Innodat manual
Potrivit pentru   Dormitor, Living, Hol
Incalzire in pardoseala Da
Grosime 1 - 5 mm

Our Nain rugs are high-quality products of the Persian craftsmanship.

First-quality materials, elaborate handwork and traditional patterns are the secrets of the Persian Nain when it comes to producing these masterpieces known all over the world. Our models have begun their long journey around the world heading for your place. The Nain rugs are made of high-quality wool and reach perfection thanks to their details in fine silk. These unique models immediately reveal to an expert eye the wonderful quality of their workmanship.

There are two relevant quality indicators for Nain rugs: on the one hand, the denomination "lah" -the lower the number, the better (and consequently more expensive) the texture-. The best quality is, beyond all doubt, the "6la", which indicates that the rug's warp threads consist, in turn, of 6 very fin yarns on the other hand, the number of nodes, which can vary between 25.0000 and 1 million /sq m -the more the knots, the higher the resulting quality-.


Nain is an oasis city in the province of Isfahan, located at 1,545 m of altitude in the central Iranian plateau. The small town has a long tradition of textile production and has experienced an increasing success over the last hundred years thanks to its specialization in hand-made Persian rugs. These skills have been acquired from the neighboring capital of the region, Isfahan, and, meanwhile, Nain managed to become an independent center of craftsmanship. Today, in fact, the city has a worldwide reputation for its ornate and wonderful rugs.


With regards to the patterns, Nain initially drew its inspiration from the big model of Isfahan, but, in the course of time, Nain skillful weavers developed an individual and distinctive design: a single medallion and clear geometric shapes on an earth-colored or blue background, embellished with a floral decoration.